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Enterprise Zone (EZ) Calculator

SCE's Economic Development Services (EDS) online EZ Calculator will help you estimate the significant tax credits your company may realize by locating in one of the many state-designated Enterprise Zones in Southern California.

  • Complete the requested information with your best estimates for employee hiring and equipment purchases during the first year or up to the first 5 years.
  • Submit.
  • You will immediately see your potential tax credit savings.
  • Print the report or return to the calculator to view
    another investment or hiring scenario.
Directions for Using the EZ Calculator:
In the boxes below, enter the estimated number of new employees you could hire annually and any annual qualified equipment purchases.
Please refer to tooltips below for additional information. *Line 1 and 12 are required fields. *Please refer to the tooltips below for additional information. *Line 1 and 12 are required fields.
Enter Number of
Enter Qualified
Enter Qualified Equipment Purchases
1. Year 1*:$  
2.Year 2:$  
3.Year 3:$  
4.Year 4:$  
5.Year 5: $  
6. Percentage of qualified employees; 30 to 50 percent is an acceptable average for most SCE business operations, feel free to adjust this percentage: % Percentage of Qualified Employees
State minimum wage: $
8. Enter employees' average hourly wage:   
9. Voucher Credit Factor based on maximum allowance: RefreshVoucher Credit Factor based on maximum allowance
10.Sales tax rate:% Sales Tax Rate
11. Enter expected employee turnover rate:
(ex. 3%, 5%, 10%, 20%)
12. Enter employees' annual work hours:
(ex. 40 hrs a week = 2080 annual work hours)*
  *Submit your calculations for an estimate of tax credits you may be eligible to receive.  To determine actual credits you may be eligible to receive be sure to consult with your tax professional.


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